DIY Rock Star!

I was recently asked by a friend how recent technology has shaped the music scene for unsigned artists. I think the better question would be how hasn’t it?  With computers and the internet, it is extremely easy to get exposure for your music.  The problem of course is that so can everyone else, which means there is a veritable wall of white noise out there oversaturating things.  When I was growing up, you couldn’t just make an album on your own.  There were gatekeepers who decided who would have the opportunity to do that, but not now.  We live in an era of the do-it-yourself rock star, where you can record everything at home on your computer, have the album manufactured by a service and put right on the internet.  Though there still a music business per se, artists can bypass it all together.  You don’t need one of the suits deciding who gets to go into a studio to record, who gets to produce and album or whose work gets marketed or played to the public. 


Now, I’m not complaining because I have benefited from this myself, but I’m just pointing out that there are pitfalls with it too.  I always say: The good thing is that now anyone can do it and the bad thing is that now anyone can do it.


I know a lot of people mourn the death of the music industry, but I think that’s hyperbole.  The industry is still going strong, there’s just not people making obscene amounts of money from records. Well maybe it shouldn’t have been that way in the first place. Who says you should be able to buy a swimming pool just because you wrote a three-chord song?