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Randy Hansen and The Angry Neighbors
Randy J. Hansen


From the album "The Strangest Places" available on CD Baby.


Words and music by

Randy Hansen




In the still of the night

I can feel your body softly breathing as I hold you tight

In the silence between heartbeats

I can hear your lovers calling your name from out on the street


CHORUS:  Irene, I’m not the only one who wants you

              Irene, but no one needs you like I do

              Irene, can’t you see that I really love you

              Irene, don’t you know that my heart is true


Like a ghost your shadow

Is dancing to a love song playing on the radio

Like an angel wearing lace

But that white dress can’t hide the blackness of your lingerie




And if the night should fall upon us and the world come to an end

In our final hour I would hold you once again




It’s true