Lucky Day

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Randy Hansen and The Angry Neighbors
Randy J. Hansen


From the album "The Strangest Places" available on CD Baby.  Featuring Judy Lynne on lead vocals.


Words and music by

Randy Hansen


Lucky Day


Well there’s a boy he don’t know my name

When he walks on by it’s a doggone shame

Because he don’t know that I’m the one for him

But if I ever get a chance I gonna jump right in

And find the words to say and turn his head my way


And there’s a girl she’s always hanging around

She’s clinging to him like a jewel she’s found

But on the sly I think I caught his eye

Now I gotta sit tight and bide my time

And if she leaves him alone for one minute I’m gonna throw my hat right in it


CHORUS- Welcome to my lucky day (I’m feeling lucky now baby)

              Don’t you know that I came to play (I’m feeling lucky now baby)

               I think I’m gonna have my way right now


Well this boy he’s kinda hard to read

But you know you gotta study to get what you need

And this girl, she thinks she’s better than me

But I got a hard lesson that I’m giving for free

Well she’s tough but I aint going down this may take a few rounds




Right now, it don’t matter how you get your kicks

Right now, we’ll get to the bottom of this

Right now, I know I just can’t miss

When I take a shot into the dark straight at your heart


(He’s outta your league)

He’s like a song they play on the radio on a hot summer day

The kind you want to turn up real loud

They say he’s not for me but that just can’t be

So fine, this time I’m gonna make him mine

And when the moment in right

I’m gonna turn the tables tonight