Overdose - CD

Covering all the bases, rock, blues, Americana, with beautiful grit.

The Strangest Places - CD

You can find rock-n-roll in the strangest places. The Angry Neighbors in high gear!  Features "Irene", "Right At Home", "Tighter" and "Lucky Day".

Rock Star Manque - CD

The best songwriter you've never heard of. Featuring "Hope And Whiskey" and "Any Other Way".

Writing This Down - CD

Blues, Rock and Americana inspired from the heart, mind, and gut. Featuring "Betty Mae" and "Thanks For The Song".

The Lucky Ones - CD

A compelling set of memorable melodies and fantastic lyrics. A true rock and roll poet. Features "Edge Of The Earth" and "All About Angels".

The Museum Of Your Wildest Dreams - CD

A great collection of Rock and Blues featuring "Ozark Radio" and "No Other Heart".

Bad Timing's Greatest Hits - CD

The greatest worst rock-and-roll band ever…Bad Timing!

The Sound Of My Own Voice - CD

The sound of a true artist's voice.  Featuring "All Roads Lead To Rome" and "I Need You (Like A Hole In The Head)"

Electric Guitars Burning In The Sun - CD

Raw-edged rock with no compromises.  Featuring "Pacifier" and "The Graveyard".

The Demons Of Innocence - CD

Have faith in Rock-n-Roll.  Featuring "Dedication" and "The Ugliest Cheerleader".